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Win More Deals

Battle-tested Inside Sales Training

Sales leaders turn to us to help their teams:

• Grow their new business sales

• Improve their conversion rates

• Shorten their sales cycles

• Better differentiate their solutions

• Become trusted advisors to clients

• Increase their skills & confidence


If the below describes you, we're a match:

• You're a software or technology company
• You're an established business or Series B and above scale-up
• You have an Inside Sales team (who sell remotely via phone, video conference, email)
• You sell to the Mid-market or SMEs
• Your deal sizes are up to £50k ACV or ARR

Equip your team with the tactics & know-how they need to win more deals...

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Inside Sales Training

Supercharge your results

Intensive and insight-packed training to help your team take their skills to the next level

Who is it for

Sales teams

Sales management

Inside Sales Speaker

Empower your audience

Engaging & insightful speaker to help make your event memorable and impactful

Who is it for

Sales kickoffs



What You Get

• A measurable increase in results in as little as 1 month

• Renewed confidence in your sales team/function

• Increased earnings for you and your sales reps

• Becoming (or remaining) a force in your industry

• Happier customers and more referrals

• More consistent and sustainable growth

• Freedom to focus on your next big sales goal


What Others Say

"Jeff is an incredibly insightful trainer, coach and mentor. His dedication to his clients' success goes above and beyond what I have experienced from other coaches in the past. You can't go wrong with Jeff" - Division Head

"If you are looking to someone to really optimise your sales operations I recommend Jeff as someone who can truly come in and deliver the results." - Sales Manager

"Jeff's knowledge is vast and thorough, and his results-focused approach means he can solve even the most challenging sales problems." - Executive


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About the Trainer
Jeff Moore
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Closed millions of pounds in sales
  • Expertise in Inside Sales strategies, tactics, and mindset
  • 15 years of experience selling to mid-market & SMEs
  • Top sales performer in multiple teams & companies
  • Highly rated sales trainer & coach 
  • Passionate about helping businesses turn sales challenges into growth opportunities
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